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Monday, December 26, 2005

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Boxing Day

In between roasting peppers, steaming asparagus, and making chicken soup (a recent Sam's Club spree resulted in a perishable food glut), I have been setting up triage for Cosmo, our black moor goldfish, who has been feeling po'ly the last few days. It's not looking too good. But where there's life there's hope, I say. So I've moved him to a temporary "hospital" bowl in the kitchen, on top of the spice cabinet. He is resting on his side, on the bottom of the bowl. Just when we think he's a flatliner, he'll wave his little fin and gasp. I am researching treatment options on this informative site. Not sure at this point what lengths I am willing to go. A living will would have helped.

In other news, I have been binging on sugar, carbs and caffiene. Cold symptoms aside, I feel crappy. My thinking is all fuzzy, and I don't seem to have any energy or motivation to get up and move or do anything but lie around and wait for the next sugar craving to kick in. Patrick eats like this all the time--is this what he feels like? Ugh. Must normalize blood sugar somehow. Probably need to go out and run five miles.



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