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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thanks for visiting. I am no longer updating Notes to Self. I hope you'll join me on my current website,

Still Life with Zest.

I wrote over the holidays about my blood sugar highs and lows. I have decided to rein things in using the Weight Watchers core program--basically a whole-foods, low-carb plan, with a (small) allowance for the occasional splurge. There's no calorie counting involved, just thoughtful eating. (I do hold myself above fat-free dairy, however, and am going with low-er fat cheeses in moderate amounts instead.)

So, armed with my list of permitted foods, off I went to Sam's Club yesterday. (Yes, it's evil, but in our case it is a necessary one. We actually go through ten-pound boxes of Cheerios at an alarming rate. Also, they are carrying more organic selections, so leave me the hell alone about it :-P)

In additon to the usual military-sized quantities of fishsticks and peanut butter, I loaded up on crudities and Laughing Cow cheese wedges for snacking, skinless chicken breasts and tilapia fillets for broiling, golden potatoes and colored peppers for roasting, sweet peruvian onions for carmelizing, eggs from veggie-fed hens and organic milk for my conscience, and an enormous mesh bag of lemons, because it is January.

(Also, I have discovered that just about any vegetable is wonderful if served up with enough olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt).

Today I ate oatmeal with a handful of blueberries for breakfast, a sort of nicoise salad from last night's leftovers for lunch, a banana, fat-free-sugar-free chocolate pudding, popcorn and perrier for a snack. Tonight's menu: this recipe from Jamie Oliver for lemon roasted chicken and this one for roasted beets with a ginger-balsamic glaze. I'm sort of on a roasting kick.

Don't worry, the blog won't turn into a foodie journal. It's just been a slow news day. But let me sign off with my preferred technique for zesting a lemon. I hate rubbing them on graters; half the zest sticks in the holes. I like to use a vegetable peeler to peel strips off, then chop them in a dish with scissors, like you would with fresh herbs. Yes, it makes for coarse zest, but I think most things in life are tastier that way.



Blogger bluebird said...

excellent suggestions !
i too am struggling with post christmas weight gain. i was pretty disciplined over christmas , but am into a post christmas binge.
but i am not giving up.
after hearing that one of the young women at the meeting has lost 117 lbs in less than a year offers some hope. she said she was raised on chicken nuggets and fries.
that is literaly all she ate. since coming to ww she has tried lots of new foods. she still mainly eats chicken and fries, but she has the chicken breast skinned and does fat free fries in the oven.
she is still a big woman , but hey she's lost a person.
it makes me think of what we, as a society are doing to our children, feeding them chicken nuggets and fries .....
and god help us if we have a bird flu outbreak, we'll have to give up chicken.
which leads me to a news item today about pamela anderson protesting cl. saunders bust out side the legislature in kentucky. she says the chickens they use in kentucky fried chicken are treated badly, like wringing their necks while still alive and many other horrors.........

8:03 AM  

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