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Saturday, January 21, 2006

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Went out on the town with a girlfriend last night. We started out with a couple of glasses of Sofia and some good conversation. I really should have called it a night right there. As it was, my friend is newly single, and we were out to "make the scene," so I hung in there through several pit-stops. But I was through before midnight. As in, get me the hell out of this place and away from these people or I will set myself on fire. So much for making the scene. Making a scene, perhaps.

I loved being with my friend and we did run into some people we know and like but as for the rest, bleah. Expensive drinks, horrible people, a truly wretched singer covering John Cougar songs. I woke up this morning feeling slightly poisoned, as if having breathed polluted air.

I conclude that the expiry date on my clubbing days has come and gone.

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Blogger bluebird said...

i for one am glad !

12:29 PM  

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