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Saturday, February 04, 2006

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Anyone up for Superbowl Thursday?

I am blessed with a wonderful circle of friends. In many ways, they are like the my own parent's circle when I was growing up--mostly members of the english faculty where my father taught, and their children. Back then, we all celebrated holidays together, and if a month or two should go by without an official occasion, well, they'd make one up. I remember those gatherings with great fondness. The children, all ages, would just run together in our own little tribe while the parents made merry. It was a family, in every sense of the word, and when I see or hear from any of those "kids" or "grown-ups" today, it is like running into a favorite cousin or uncle.

My contemporary tribe is every bit as spirited and close-knit. And like my parent's crowd, they are highly intelligent, witty and creative folk. What we are not--well, most of us--are sports fans. But hey, any excuse for a party, right? So, with Superbowl Sunday upon us, I started contacting people with the idea of getting together to eat, drink and (ostensibly) watch the game. The proposal was embraced unanimously. But I had to laugh, because nearly every single person enthusiastically responded with some variation of, "Excellent! Uh... what day is that?"

Me: "I think it generally happens on a Sunday."

Them: "We're there!"

Well, in my book, zeal is everything. I love you all.

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