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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks for visiting. I am no longer updating Notes to Self. I hope you'll join me on my current website,

Seasonal Filler

For reasons that have to do with my or some programmers' tiny walnut brain, iTunes drops two songs off my mix whenever I try to publish it. See the official playlist for comparison.

This is not today's post. Unless I get too tired to post later tonight. In which case, you should be damn well satisfied with it. What more do you want from me anyway? Haven't I given enough?

Sorry....two more days of NaBloPoMo to go. And then I am off to a retreat centre in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to recover for four days. Seriously. They will probably have to strap me into my bed at night to keep me from hurting myself trying to get to a computer: "Must post! Must post!"

What this is, is my "Merry Christmas from the Family" i-mix. It gets tweaked a little every year. Back in my salad days, I was the Queen of the Mixed Tape and later, the Mixed CD. I am exceedingly proud of this compliation. (Yeah, it's got Montgomery Gentry and Mariah Carey on it. No, I don't like them and you don't have to either them to dig these songs. It's a concept album. Just trust me.) There is something in it for everyone and it is G-rated, unlike my "Kick His Cheating Ass Out 'Cause I'm Here for You Girlfriend" i-mix, which is also some of my best work, but represents only the opinions of the i-mixer and not those of other members of my family. This mix, by contrast, reflects our combined musical tastes. If you download it, my only kickback will be a huge dose of the warm fuzzies. If you download it and like it, you could send me some wassail.

(It is a two page playlist, and some of my favorite tracks are on the second page. Also, feel free to share your own favorite Christmas songs: this, like me, is a work in progress.)

Fa la la.

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Anonymous jen zug said...

Ah! Thank you for showing me this is possible! I was just researching how to post a mix without breaking any laws, as I, too, am a Queen of the Mix. (Good thing we live on opposite sides of the Mississippi).

Merry Christmas, and congratulations for surviving NoBloPoMo!

11:54 PM  

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