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Saturday, December 30, 2006

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Why do we have to have all these damn kids?

This was the picture and caption that graced the invitation to our first-ever annual New Year's Eve Open House, borne of not having booked a babysitter six months in advance. We opened the doors early in the evening, so people similarily stuck at home with their offspring could have somewhere to go, while the people who got dibs on all the sitters could stop in for a cocktail and lord it over us on their way somewhere grown up and exciting.

Tomorrow evening we will host this event for the third time, and while the above-quoted sentiment (our favorite line from It's A Wonderful Life, and the part where Patrick always breaks down and cries) still holds true, we now fling open the doors by choice, not circumstance. Our party is the most fun we have ever had on New Year's Eve, hands down. And it's all over by ten, which is as late as some of us can stay up anyhow.

This is an eclectic gathering. In addition to the usual suspects, I have invited people from the neighborhood, from church, and from the supermarket. We take 'em old and young, married and single, imbibing and sober (but ix-nay on the ong-bay, y' know who you are). If you know me well enough* to feel slighted that you haven't been invited this year, please be assured it was an oversight, and come. I would be so thrilled to have someone there who actually reads my blog. Like Big Bird, when the other people on Sesame Street could finally see Snuffalufagus.

God knows how many people I have invited, and what percentage of them will show. I think the core group is around 20-30 adults, but then we have over three hundred children between us. Plus the people from the supermarket, church and anybody I met at any gathering where alcohol was served over the holidays.

The house already looks trashed. I have a Sam's Club run to make, to get shrimp for etouffee and assorted low-prep munchies. There is absolutely no way I am going to get this place presentable between now and six p.m. tomorrow. I was thinking I would just spray the mounds of dirty laundry with fake snow and drape them in tinsel and mini-lights. I was also wondering if I could get some kind of annulment for all the cheese and chocolate I've eaten over the past ten days, so that if I could find something clean to wear, I would fit into it.

I better get busy. Happy New Year, everyone!

*I mean actually know me. Not feel like you know me. We do have a vicious Rottschund on the premises to ward off the crazies, you know.

Oh! Itunes is giving away a free download of Auld Lang Syne by one of my favorites, Jack Ingram. It's on the itunes home page. Add it to your party playlist.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish i were going to be at your party. it sounds like so much fun.have a happy new year. may it bring you lots of happiness ,fun and many surprises.

8:00 PM  
Blogger patsyrose said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. Making this a tradition will live in the hearts of your children and their children, etc.,etc., etc. You're making beautiful memories for generations to come.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Angelina said...

Hosting that sort of New Year's Eve party is a great idea. Sounds like it's loads of fun. Wish you the best in the New Year!

8:52 AM  
Blogger sgazzetti said...

I love that you call your party by that title. I can't really watch stuff like that anymore since becoming a father, as I turn into a puddle of goo much too easily now. I also love the very fact that you and Patrick can rally to hold a New Year party at all, let alone a jauntily-named and multi-ages one. Hoping you find Zuzu's petals rather than a hangover tomorrow.

3:06 PM  
Blogger jenlemen said...

we had one of most uneventful new year's ever. i killed dave at scrabble (thank god because if that introvert beats me at a word game, i'd have to kill MYself) and then we played dance dance revolution with the kids on the ps2. i didn't even finish my cocktail which dave hopefully named "the panty peeler".

8:04 AM  
Blogger Kyran said...

Happy New Year, everyone.

sgazzetti, no petals, just the hangover.

Jen, similar hopes were entertained here. All dashed when I went to bed hiccuping.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Girl con Queso said...

I am madly in love with this idea and plan to completely steal it next year. Be warned. And think about it, if you want to ditch your own party in 2008, come to Htown! We'll have tamales. At least.

You are so freaking great.

Happy New Year, Loudon!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Upside Up said...

As always, I continue to discover other reasons I feel a'kindred to you. 5 years ago, we came to a similar realization about NYE (which had previously been "our" holiday, with historically perfect parties, many of which are still talked about among those of us who were there). Our variation on the theme was to go to bed early and have everyone over for New Year's Day. It was a roaring success and is something we look forward to every year. When we moved, we brought the party with us, and this year, according to the evite, we're expecting 94 people (which includes smalls and talls both). Yipes!

I would love to spend NYE with you and then have you to our NYD fiesta. Let's figure out how to make that work next year. Until then happy happy new year to my favorite discovery of 2007. I hope ZOOB brings you nothing but security, success and happiness.


8:32 PM  

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