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Friday, April 13, 2007

Thanks for visiting. I am no longer updating Notes to Self. I hope you'll join me on my current website,

Apparently, too sexy.

"You're doing a show? And you didn't ask me to model? It's because I've gotten so fat, isn't it? You can tell me."

"No, it's because you told me after the last show you were retired!"

"Yeah, but you're supposed to try to lure me back."
My b.a.f.f. (best Australian friend forever) will be peddling her fabulous Peach Pavlova fashions at Ciao Baci on April 26th.

I will be in the gallery, doing my best Janice Dickinson imitation. Here's another backstory from the archives, about my unlikely and all-too-brief career as a supermodel. Hope you don't mind the recycling while my blood sugars stabilize.


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