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Thursday, February 07, 2008

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Laconic, Thy Name is 7-Year-Old Boy

We've just returned from a cub scout tour of a local news station, where our den got to watch the weather forecast being broadcast live, in all its green-screened glory. The boys were rapt the entire time, as evidenced by their utter silence, but my Tiger feigned indifference on the way home.

"It was boring," he pronounced, buckling his seat belt.

His older, Bear cub brother was indignant. "How can you say that?? It was amazing!"

But Tiger was not to be dislodged from the stance of blasé. He shrugged.

"All we did was watch tv and get free pencils."


It reminds me of his first day playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox, this past Christmas. He couldn't figure out how to make his Lego avatar shoot his weapon, so he was just stuck hopping behind his big brother, getting blown to Lego bits every few seconds. After about a hundred instant reincarnations, cynicism crept in.

"All I can do is run and DIE."

Uh...yeah...about that, kid...



Blogger MommyTime said...

tee hee, reminds me of my son (who's only four) but who passionately does not like anything without BAD GUYS in it. Even books. "BAD" can mean many things, thank goodness, like tigers with fierce expressions on their faces, but he won't tolerate stuff with no bad in it. And yet he still will tell me that things he sees previews for are "too scary" for him, and his favorite tv show is Little Bear. Indecisive, thy name is 4-year-old boy. :) Nice to know what I have to look forward to...

9:16 PM  
Blogger jennifer h said...

I kinda like his attitude. (Sorry.) He'll probably end up with a really exciting job, though, because he'll require it for himself. Maybe he'll be an astronaut. ("Eh, big deal, all we did was fly around the world for a coupla weeks.") That's all I've got. What could be better than being an astronaut?

10:36 PM  
Blogger Misbehaving said...

A true Beta Male in the making. Good for him.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I have to add a funny story here...

Both 9 and 7 have delightfully active imaginations, and in particular, 9 year old loves to make up elaborate games with arcane rules and complicated instructions.

One day, while sitting at my desk, 9 and 7 were outside my office door. I hear 9 explaining his latest game to 7. It had sticks and marbles and blocks of wood and spoons and Hot Wheels® cars and various other bits of necessary game parts.

It's not an exaggeration to say that 9 spent 5+ minutes "explaining" how to play the game. 7 sat quietly, watching intently with his big, expressive eyes, taking it all in, never saying a word.

9 finishes with a flourish "And that's how you play the game!"

7 down at the game pieces and says matter-of-factly "I don't want to play that game" and promptly walks away.

8:33 AM  

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